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In keeping with our philosophy of creating " Loudspeaker for the Ears ", for today's uncompromising professionals, X-Audio Technology Sdn. Bhd. has utilizes the best available design software, quality & proven component, material and "human X-factor" for the building of a new breed of speaker system. 

This unique "X-Audio technology " provides price and performance advantage that is unparallel in the audio market. The T-1 & XT-2 Bass Cabinets and the 3-way APX-45 represent what we can and have achieved.

XAT also distinguishes itself by providing a close working partnership with clients, distributors, system contractors, or rental companies, in order to understand their needs and applications so as to improve and improvise necessary changes to our product in anticipation of the challenging industry.

Go for the Xtra Advantage! Your winning edge! 

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